Residential Power Washing Services

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Home Power Washing and Maintenance

Residential power washing is a highly useful way to maintain the exterior of a home. This water pressure system can effectively remove dirt, mold, and weeds and will keep your home looking beautiful, clean, and welcoming to family and guests. Residential power washing can even expose buried flaws of a home exterior underneath dirt and grime that will now become visible and can be addressed. Allowing layers of algae and mud to stay glued to the outside of a home can cause weakened siding, a weakened roof, and an unsafe environment. We have custom tools for different projects, as a protective measure to never cause any damage to your property. For fencing and other wood specialties, we use a lower power pressure washer, but for the exterior of your home a higher pressure would be safe and appropriate.

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Deck Restoration

The benefits of deck restoration extend past purely aesthetics.  Staining a deck can last anywhere from two to three years, not only preserving its looks for dinner parties and backyard barbeques, but also ensuring a longer life span for the wood of the deck. We understand that decks experience an uncontrollable amount of climate wear and because of it, wood can begin to deteriorate. In fact, wood can misshape, fade, and even rot if not properly taken care of. To avoid having to redo an entire deck, we specialize in keeping your deck intact and up to date.  Prior to staining, we make sure to give your deck an initial cleaning to lay a good base, and then we proceed to sand the deck to remove splinters, and lastly we stain. The maintenance process we pride ourselves on can save you time and energy for the future, and will keep your backyard looking just the way you want.

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Concrete and Pavers Power Washing

Dirt and grime have built up on your driveway and walkways over time, until you have almost forgotten the original color of your concrete or brick. It’s important to stay on top of concrete and paver maintenance so when the time comes to clean, there are not years and years of built up soot coating the top layer of your pavers. But if that is the case, we have the tools and the experience to help. We use power washers, along with brooms and cleaning solutions when necessary. Different cleaning solutions are used for different surfaces, whether it’s a concrete or a brick paver. We make certain to use safe and helpful solutions that will never tarnish the original color of your driveway and walkways. Post washing, some customers choose to apply a sealant to add an extra layer of protection, which we strongly advise.

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Window Cleaning

At Island Power Washing, we also specialize in window cleaning. So whether it’s your big picture window you need cleaning, or a third-floor multiplane window, we have the tools to access any hard to reach glass. For picture windows we use larger tools to get a more uniform clean across the extended surface. We place a strip applicator on our tools prior to beginning. After removing any caked on dirt or streaks from the glass, we go over the glass once more with a squeegee for a fabulous, finished look. A careful step-by-step process is used with all our window cleaning to ensure our customer’s satisfaction and to keep the outside of your home looking clean and pristine.